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"To merge or not to merge?"
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Diff Commander - directory compare and synchronize tool Visual Comparer - file compare and merge tool
"To merge or not to merge?"
Diff Commander + Visual Comparer = merging made easy!


Diff Commander and Visual Comparer is an easy formula for you to solve the problem of comparing and synchronizing folders and files! These two programs together can really make an easy solution of the problem of visual comparing and synchronizing your folders and text files contents.

Diff Commander logoDiff Commander is a great solution for visual comparing and synchronizing of folders. With Diff Commander, your data can be visually synchronized between computers or to the LAN, FTP and to many kind of disk devices - floppy, USB disks, optical drives (RAM) and others. Moreover, Diff Commander can compare zip archives and interpret them as folders while comparing and synchronizing. Diff Commander can create a snapshot for synchronization of your data between two computers which have no a direct connection with each other (for example, between office and home computers). More...

Visual Comparer logoVisual Comparer is a software utility having text files and files of special formats comparison as the main feature. Visual Comparer allows you to load text files for comparing, perform matching and merging operations as well as to edit the text as if it were a fully-functional text editor. Visual Comparer is intended mainly for software and web site developers who require a special text editor with syntax highlighting and visual comparing feature. It is a great match for Diff Commander! After comparing two folders you can compare different files more thoroughly. Just run Visual Comparer from Diff Commander for such files! More...

15 Juni 2016

New release of Visual Comparer and Diff Commander.

Diff Commander now have support of SFTP access and can open many new archives files!

See whats new for more details.