Visual Comparer - file compare and synchronize tool Visual Comparer

Visual Comparer enables you to compare text files side by side, and view the differences highlighted in color. The program not only highlights the line that contains the difference, but also the individual change, down to a single character. You can the selectively transfer changes from the left to the right or vice versa.

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Visual Copmparer



Visual Comparer was developed and tested on Windows NT (version 4.0), Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 7. It does not contain platform-specific code. Therefore it should work equally well on the majority of other Windows-platforms.


The full-functional text editor

The full-functional text editor does line comparing and allows to carry out additional editing of the text while matching. It is done as conveniently and easily as in the usual text editor.

Visual Comparer not only powerful file compare tool but also powerful and convenient text editor!

Features list:

Strict and exact syntax highlighting

The majority of modern text editing tools possess a syntax highlighting feature of various programming languages. Visual Comparer has this feature as well.

Settings of syntax highlight's of Visual Comparer

Visual Comparer supports syntax highlighting for the following programming languages:
  • HTML and CSS2;
  • C and C++ (based on Visual C++ 6.0);
  • C# (C Sharp - Visual Studio.NET);
  • Visual Basic .NET;
  • VBScript .NET;
  • JScript .NET (version 7.0 from Visual Studio.NET);
  • Borland Delphi 7;
  • Perl (version 5.005);
  • and more ...

Line matching

Visual Comparer supports char-by-char lines comparison (F12 and Shift+F12 to enable this mode). Unequal chars are marked red. See the screenshot:

Line matching in action!

You can also range lines in a separate block of differences ("Adjust similar lines"). This feature is based on the "lines similarity" concept:

Pic. 1. Before adjusting

Pic. 2. After adjusting

Search and Replace

Search and Replace in Visual Comparer

Navigation by differences with synchronization feature
Differences navigator in Visual Comparer

The recommendation: Use keyboard shortcuts to move between differences. It is more efficient and convenient than using the buttons located on command toolbars.